New Builds

If you are looking at building that new home or extending an existing one we can help with plumbing design.


If you are building a new home there will be important decisions to be made about optimal plumbing system design. Together we can determine the best solution for plumbing, gas and drainage of the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and any heating or outdoor considerations.
We can assist at the pre-design and planning stages, drainage before concrete slabs, the installation of bayonet points and connectors and appliance installations.

Our New Build Services:

Plumbing Design, Gas Fitting and Gas Services, Hot Water Installations & Service 
Pumps & Filtration, Waste Water Treatment and Sewer Systems, Water Tanks, Hot Water Heat Pumps, Underfloor Heating



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For all things to do with plumbing and gasfitting contact business owner Jake or one of the team at Eclipse.